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Jeff's Story - Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Eichten’s patient, Jeff, recently shared with us the story of his experience with a total knee replacement. Read his story below...

Jeff originally sought care because the active lifestyle he enjoyed was becoming limited due to knee pain. Jeff is an avid walker, runner, and golfer. He has completed 8 marathons in his life and has a 7 handicap on the golf course. He is retired from the Navy where he dedicated 20 years of his life in service to his country. When knee pain began to slow him down he sought the advice of Dr. Eichten and learned that knee replacement would be the next step for his bone on bone arthritis. Jeff took several factors into account when determining that the time was right to proceed with his knee replacement. The steroid injections that had previously given him relief were no longer providing any benefit. He also had the support of his wife and daughter and would be able to complete his rehabilitation in the comfort of his own home. Jeff felt comfortable that Dr. Eichten was very knowledgeable about the recovery process and was able to expertly guide him regarding what to expect each step of the way. Jeff admits that, even for an athlete like himself, the rehabilitation was hard work and he became frustrated at times during his recovery process. He found Dr. Eichten to be a very positive and uplifting presence who worked with him patiently to ensure that he recovered as quickly as possible. An added bonus is that he can barely see his scar so soon after surgery. It has been 3 months since his surgery and Jeff has returned to golfing and working part-time on the golf course. He is pleased that he was able to return to golf so quickly. He reports that overall, the surgery and recovery process greatly exceeded his expectations.

For more information about knee replacement surgery, as well as various surgical and non-surgical options for hip or knee pain, please call Dr. Eichten's office at (239) 337-2003 to schedule an appointment.

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