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Testimonial from Arlene

We recently received this letter from one of our patients, and just wanted to share it with you. Thank you Arlene! We greatly appreciate the feedback!

Dear Dr. Eichten and Staff,

Just had to let you know how appreciative and grateful myself, my husband, and all our family and friends are to you for all the wonderful care and treatment I have received since becoming a patient of yours about 15 months ago. I have endured 3 surgeries for fractured femurs in both legs as well as rod and screw replacement and bone grafting due to a non-healing fracture.

I just want to let Dr. Eichten know what optimal and truly excellent care and treatment I have received over the last year. When I fell the first time in May 2015 I was scared and frightened. Dr. Eichten has expertly done all 3 surgeries for me and I truly feel that because of him I am up and walking today!

He is a truly great doctor and surgeon. He is to be commended for all his expertise and for the manner in which he treats his patients. I feel very fortunate to have him as my doctor. He is truly an asset to his profession and everyone he cares for.

Also, each time I visit your office I feel I am treated with the utmost consideration, kindness, and respect. I never feel frightened or uncomfortable when I am there. Everyone there is always smiling and kind no matter how busy they are.

Doctors and those in the medical profession do not often get the gratitude and praise they deserve. I just had to let Dr. Eichten know that I will always be grateful to all of you!

With sincere appreciation - Arlene St. Lawrence

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