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Martha's Story...Hip Replacement Surgery

What can you expect from total hip replacement surgery?

Undergoing total joint replacement surgery is a source of stress and anxiety for many patients. At our office we feel that an informed patient is a relaxed and happy patient.

Martha's Story...

We interviewed Martha, a recent patient of Dr. Eichten’s to learn more about her total joint replacement experience. We hope that sharing her experience can help to answer any lingering questions you may have before your surgery!

Why did you decide to undergo total hip replacement?

“My hip pain had been going on for a long time, and it was interfering with my normal activities. I was ready to do something about it, and I was lucky enough to find Dr. Eichten to take the next step.”

Where did you have your surgery and how was your experience?

“My right total hip replacement was performed at Physicians Regional Pine Ridge. The operating room staff was very helpful. I felt comfortable and relaxed in their care. My family waited for me in the waiting room during my procedure. They felt that the staff in the waiting room was amazing. They were informed of my progress every step of the way by the staff. Overall the communication between my family and my nurse was very good which helped to calm their nerves.”

How was your stay in the hospital?

“I made the choice to go to a rehab facility following my procedure because I did not want to burden my family with helping me at home after surgery. For this reason Medicare required that I stay three nights in the hospital. During my stay at Physicians Regional I found that my spirits were lifted by the upbeat staff. They all smiled at me in the halls while I was walking with my therapist. I participated in the total joint class with other patients that had undergone total hip replacement. The first day I felt weak, but when I saw the other patients in the class, they helped motivate me to work harder.”

Tell us about your recovery following your surgery?

“After one week I started to feel much stronger. I only used pain medication for 1 week after surgery and I was then able to use Tylenol when I needed it.

Dr. Eichten performed an anterior lateral approach for my hip replacement and he was able to see that I had a torn tendon in my hip. He repaired this during my surgery. I am told that with other types of hip replacement surgery the surgeon cannot always evaluate this tendon. Due to this tendon repair I had to use a walker for three weeks before progressing. This is longer than some patients but I am thankful that my tendon is repaired and I won’t have to worry about it down the road or worse undergo another procedure.”

How was your stay at rehab after the hospital and how long did you stay?

“Following my three nights in the hospital I went to Solaris Healthcare - Imperial. The rehab was a good option for me since I did not want to burden my family. I felt that having therapy several times a day at Imperial gave me excellent results. They have very advanced equipment and their staff is knowledgeable and pushes you to work hard. I especially enjoyed walking on the anti-gravity treadmill during my visits.”

Now it has been 4 weeks from your surgery, how do you feel overall?

“I am very pleased with Dr. Eichten, his staff and the care I received at both Physicians Regional and Imperial Rehab. My hip pain is gone. I recently had my post-operative evaluation with Dr. Eichten. I was able to see a follow up X-ray that showed my implant in excellent position. We discussed that I now have no restrictions; I can cross my legs, bend down to tie my shoes, or pet my Shih Tzu. He has released me to return to my normal activities. Overall this was a great experience.”

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